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The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian review

Hell of a commute


4 months ago

The Pedestrian strolls out

The opening of puzzle-platformer The Pedestrian plays like a Disney short. It's got that same sense of polished wonder, in a world like ours but the rules are a bit different. You start as a smudge on a whiteboard, then venture rightwards into a world of rearrangeable street signs. You're the man from the toilet sign. The bloke struggling with the umbrella. You're Helvetica man…

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3 years ago

The Pedestrian sees toilet man puzzle across the street

Toilet man has a hard job, keeping the people of the world aware of the nearest restroom at all times, and donning hats to act the part of security guards when necessary. Not to mention ‘Toilet man’ isn’t even his real name. It’s Helvetica man! What a tough life. Well, he’s finally getting a game made in his honour, if the Kickstarter for puzzle platformer…

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