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The Waylanders

5 months ago

Dying Light 2 cuts ties with writer Chris Avellone following claims of sexual assault and harassment

The makers of Dying Light 2 have publicly cut ties with writer Chris Avellone following allegations from several women of sexual harrassment, sexual assault, and abusing his industry prestige as a sexual predator. Avellone is known for writing on games including Planescape: Torment and Fallout: New Vegas. Several other upcoming games he was known to have written for, including Bloodlines 2, have clarified they were…

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6 months ago

Upcoming RPG The Waylanders introduces 12 possible pets for your fantasy rangers

Upcoming Celtic-inspired RPG The Waylanders has announced some new members of the party. Ranger class characters will have the ability to choose between a total of twelve possible animal partners. Predictable RPG choices like wolves and bears are joined by a few less-obvious friends like jay birds and rabbits. I don't know if I'd rely on a bunny during a battle, personally, but go off, Gato…

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7 months ago

The Waylanders story trailer dishes out a royal rebuke and some lore

Let's bask in some RPG rays before the week's out, shall we? The Waylanders is an upcoming adventure spanning two time periods set to the tune of Celtic folklore. It's a party-based RPG, part of why it calls itself inspired by the likes of Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age: Origins. Other similarities seem to be the focus on story, which we see the beginnings of…

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