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Thousand Threads

1 month ago

Feature: The Ballad of Gretchen Anderson

Thousand Threads is a chilled out walking sim that runs on petty violence

I've seen my share of American media that treats postal workers with a patriotic significance. To an extent, it makes sense. Some of the most revolutionary changes to human societies followed rapid developments in communication technology or infrastructure. We're in the middle of such a period right now, even. Thousand Threads is a walking simulator with an open world light RPG-ish simulation on top. It…

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3 years ago

The petty, grudge-holding NPCs of Thousand Threads

“Things go wrong” is one of the best genres of videogames. Thousand Threads [official site] is an upcoming open world game that seems to embrace that philosophy, if the developer's attempt to create a video demonstration is anything to go by. It features colourful meadows, peaceful woodland and half a dozen angry people in hats chasing and punching each other as part of an elaborate…

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