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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

2 months ago

The Division 2’s Summit is a 100-storey skyscraper from hell

Have you watched... The Raid? The folks behind The Division 2 clearly have, because the urban murder RPG's next update is adding a whopping great skyscraper to the streets of post-collapse New York. With the front doors opening later this month, The Summit presents you and your pals with a daunting 100-storey deathtrap of office desks and heavy firearms to test yourself against.

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6 months ago

The Division 2’s new trial offers eight free hours and Rainbow Six: Siege goodies

In the fiction of The Division 2, there must've been some folks who gave pause to the whole concept, right? Who, when their orange watch started beeping, reckoned they needed some time to decide whether they really wanted to become state-authorised secret soldiers? I can't say, but Ubisoft will, at least, now let you take a brief shot at The Division 2 for free -…

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8 months ago

The Division 2’s Warlords Of New York expansion is out, and now fixed

After leaving New York to visit Washington, D.C. in The Division 2, Ubisoft have now returned to the location of the first game in a new expansion. Warlords Of New York is its name, and hunting down the first game's baddie through is its game. The expansion launched on PC yesterday (consoles today) annnd now it might be worth a go, after a hasty hotfix…

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9 months ago

The Division 2 is returning to the Big Apple in the Warlords Of New York expansion next month

New York needs saving again, and it's your job to do it when The Division 2's Warlords Of New York expansion drops on March 3rd. The DLC will bring back the big bad from the first Division, and lo' and behold he's got another strain of the nasty virus that caused the world to go to shambles in the first place. This expansion kicks off…

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The Division 2 is bringing the heat to New York City later this month

Who wants to be in D.C., anyway? Forget the politics, Forget the media buzz. The Division 2 has had enough, ditching the capitol for a two-mission trip to New York City's Coney Island. See the sights, ride the rights, and extrajudicially murder a riverboat's worth of masked mercenaries. Episode 3 is sending agents off to the fair later this month, to finally see about curing…

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1 year ago

The Division 2 brings The Last Castle crashing down in today’s story update

The Division 2's street-fashion soldiers have packed their bags, loaded their rifles, and titled their baseball caps backwards for their most dangerous mission yet. While that elusive second raid might still be a while off, Title Update 6 arrives today, dropping seasoned street cleaners into the heart of The Pentagon for some high tech murder in The Division 2: Episode 2. But today's update does…

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The Division 2 takes the Pentagon down a peg in next week’s story update

New York? I'm over it. DC? Done. The White House? Have you seen the state of it? After taking on some of America's most famous landmarks, Tom Clancy's casualwear combatants are preparing to burn down the country's most infamous shape. Title Update 6 for The Division 2 arrives alongside Episode 2 of the game's ongoing story, placing an army of baseball-cap warriors against highly-trained mercenaries…

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Ubisoft’s numbers say subtitles are really jolly popular

95% of Assassin's Creed Odyssey players kept subtitles on, Ubisoft have revealed, and 50% of The Division 2 players are currently playing with them on too. These surprising statistics and more come from a wee tweetblast this week confirming that yes, subtitles are hugely desirable even in murdergames. Even as someone who often plays with subs on, I'm surprised by the numbers shared by David…

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The Division 2 puts big honking miniguns in players’ hands today

Because subtlety is overrated and ammo is cheap in the post-apocalypse (so say Ubisoft), players can lug around their own rotary-barrelled bullet hose in The Division 2 now. Available immediately for Year One Pass owners or after completing a series of in-game challenges for everyone else, the Gunner is the latest Specialisation; a prestige class you pick once you hit the level cap. While defined…

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Ubisoft continue to claim their games don’t have political stances, are still wrong

Ubisoft, who make RPGs about a 3000-year-long battle between freedom and order, FPSs about liberating occupied lands, and military shooters so jingoistic they cause governmental complaints, have been arguing for a long time that their games aren’t political. Yesterday, they posted an interview with Tommy Francois, vice president of editorial, in an attempt to clarify their position. It did not help.

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Google confirms games and price for Stadia

(Now updated with extra pricing clarification) There were a lot of things left unsaid during Google's Stadia announcement three months ago, but finally the search giant has given us some answers in today's Stadia Connect conference, confirming how much Stadia's going to cost, when we can get our hands on it and exactly what games we're going to be playing on it. So, err... Baldur's…

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The Division 2 launches first 8-player raid May 16th

After a few delays to tweak and tune the base game, Ubisoft are just about ready to roll out Operation Dark Hours, the first eight-player raid for The Division 2. Players will need to have climbed to the tippy top of the game's progression ladder (Level 30, World Tier 5, Gear Score 490) to start the mission, which begins at the helipad at the White…

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2 years ago

The Division 2 launches Public Test Server and delays raid until May

Those hoping to dive into Operation Dark Hours, the first eight-player raid mission in The Division 2 will have to settle for grinding more invaded missions next week. Massive announced earlier today that they're delaying Title Update 3.0 from April 25th to an indeterminate point in May, giving them a little longer to tweak and tune balance on the just-launched Public Test Server. They also outlined…

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The owls are watching in The Division 2

The Division 2 may have no central narrative to speak of, but that hasn't stopped Massive Entertainment sneaking some exciting, ARG-styled mystery tales into it. As of last week's endgame-expanding update, players have been spotting wooden owls hidden around post-invasion Roosevelt Island, each guarding a candle which can be lit. Seven owls in total, and if all seven candles are lit in the right order,…

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The Division 2 temporarily disables daily and weekly Projects

Ubisoft have temporarily disabled The Division 2's 'Project' quests due to an issue which let players repeatedly claim rewards and--heaven forbid!--get more loot than intended. They tried to fix this on Sunday with an emergency server restart but that didn't work, so the Projects are disabled until a full fix is in place. I hope you're happy, you rotters. By squeezing more loot out the…

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The Division 2 starts a month of April incursions tomorrow

The Division 2 rolls out its first major update tomorrow, starting a mini-season of content Ubisoft and Massive are calling Invasion: Battle For DC. Broken up into three updates, tomorrow's adds the Stronghold mission to take down the high-tech Black Tusk faction, a new World Tier with new invaded missions and a new PvP map. On April 25th, the game is due its first eight-player…

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The Division 2 adds World Tier 5 and Black Tusk’s stronghold on April 5th

The Division 2 is a big game, taking most folks around thirty hours of looting and shooting before you even meet its fourth set of 'endgame' villains. Next Friday's big update on April 5th will give players even more to chew on for free, especially those who have worked their way up through the World Tiers battling Black Tusk forces. Those who have looted and…

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The Division 2 has (mostly) fixed its skill cooldown bug

Our boy Brendy is still roaming the wasteland of Washington, Detective Comics before presenting to us all Wot He Thinks of The Division 2, but one thing I can tell you is: one nasty skills bug is fixed. Massive Entertainment have stamped on a number of bugs which were causing deployed skills to just plain misfire and go on cooldown. Sure, everything is busted in…

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Vivendi finish selling Ubisoft shares from failed takeover

It's the end of another long day at Fags & Mags & Rab(bid)s, a wee family-owned shop and video game company on the corner of a sleepy street in the Parisian suburb of Montreuil.Michel Guillemot is down on his hands and knees, fishing under the pick 'n' mix display for loose sweets he then dusts on the lapel of his brown cotton shopcoat before popping…

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The Division 2 open beta now locking and preloading

Ahead of The Division 2's free open beta test running this weekend, you can now preload the beta client so you'll be ready to go when it's go time. Well, you'll be ready if you can download 44.5GB by tomorrow morning. Yes, that preloading period does seem a little short for folks without mega-whizzy connections. But hey, if you want to scamper about apocalyptic Washington…

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