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Total War: Elysium

3 months ago

Steam is playtesting its official playtesting feature

This summer, folks spotted a new playtesting button on the Steam store page for Total War: Elysium, that hadn't been mentioned by Valve. Well, now they've officially released details about the new playtesting feature that developers can use as a new way to run limited-time testing periods without juggling special Steam keys. The feature is still in beta, they say, so it may yet change…

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6 months ago

9 months ago

Total War: Elysium trailer shows the card game looking Hearthstone-y

Creative Assembly today revealed Total War: Elysium, a free-to-play card battle game based on uh, history I guess? After announcing Elysium in August 2019, today they showed more in a trailer and announced it's coming to PC later this year. Total War: Elysium will have historical leaders and forces throw down, and it all looks quite Heartstone-y. Watch the trailer below and you'll see.

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1 year ago

Total War: Elysium will be a historywar card game, eventually

The strategic armyman management of Total War is being flattened into digital cardboard with Total War: Elysium, a collectable card game made by Creative Assembly. The series overlords call this "a multiplayer strategy game based on Total War background," a background which is... history? That's just history isn't it? Unless Napoleon's next match after Sun Ren there ↑ is against Thorgrim Grudgebearer, mind. I'd watch…

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