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Tower Of Time

10 months ago

Tower Of Time goes cheap and expands with new modes

One of my most pleasant RPG surprises of last year was Tower Of Time, a tactical fantasy dungeon crawl. There's bits of Baldur's Gate in its real-time (with slow-mo) combat, a bit of Darkest Dungeon in its character and town management, and a bunch of ideas all of its own. It's an unusual beast, and in order to entice some folks who might have otherwise…

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11 months ago

GOG’s winter sale opens with a Full Throttle Remastered giveaway

The deals deluge begins, and GOG's winter sale opens with free goodies. Swoop on down to the giveaway page here and you can grab Full Throttle Remastered, Double Fine's polished-up version of the classic short-but-sweet Lucasarts adventure. While John wasn't sold on its new (and optional) art, he still had a lot of lovely things to say about it in his review. It was worth…

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2 years ago

Traditional dungeon-crawl Tower of Time launches today

As much as we love being told a flexible, involving story rich with flowing prose, sometimes all you want out of an RPG is the chewy, meaty exploration and combat. Tower of Time¬†offers just that: A vast subterranean world of traps, caverns, party management, monsters, loot and all the stats you can eat. It's been lurking in Early Access for some time, gathering unholy power,…

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