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1 month ago

D&D Map Sketcher is a dungeon designer with Ikea sensibilities

If evil lairs came in flat-packed boxes, they'd probably look a lot like this. D&D Map Sketcher might not give its dungeons quirky Swedish nicknames, but Daniel Fernández Marqués' do-it-yourself dungeons have already won me over - offering a delightful free browser toy with ambitions to have a place in every TTRPG group's toolbox.

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2 months ago

Townscaper builders are so much more creative than me it’s tragic

Seaside town tool Townscaper is a wonderful little toy for tickling the brain. Developer Oskar Stålberg is known for procedural toys of the same ilk and this one's really hit on an aesthetic that I can't get enough of.The only trouble is, I'm an absolute clod who just endlessly attempts to recreate other things in Townscaper. No, my attempts at building Windfall Island from The Legend…

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3 months ago

Lovely town-building toy Townscaper is out in early access

I've had a lovely afternoon building quaint island towns in Townscaper, launched into early access yesterday. It's a town-building toy where the outcome is a surprise, really. All you do is place coloured blocks, then Townscaper translates them into apartments, steps, terraces, gardens, towers, and so on based on the shapes they form with other nearby blocks, then fill the whole place with lovely little…

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4 months ago

Procedural building toy Townscaper will let you construct lovely seaside villages

This whimsical little seaside town builder is another project by Oskar Stålberg whose tiny planet and city builder projects RPS have marveled at in the past. Unlike his prior browser-based experiments, Townscaper is being treated to some extra polish and plans for a paid release. It's been on my mental wishlist since before it had a name, but now there's a handy page on the…

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