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4 years ago

Toxikk Brings Throwback FPS Thrills, Demo And All

After twenty-odd months on Steam Early Access, throwback arena FPS Toxikk [official site] properly launched last night. It's hugely inspired by '90s and '00s shooters like Unreal Tournament and all their hard-fraggin', to the extent that it's basically remade Deck16. Developers Reakktor Studios are hardly hiding their influences. If you too fancy zipping around with fancy movement tricks and zoppyzapping with zoopyzappers, hey, you can…

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Cool Movement Tricks In Throwback Arena FPS Toxikk

Throwback multiplayer FPS Toxikk [official site] is due to properly launch on Friday the 9th, following a lengthy stretch in early access. It's inspired by classics of the late nineties and early naughties - looking way more Unreal Tournament than Quake to my bleary Monday eyes - and that naturally means cool movement tricks. Toxikk boasts doublejumping, dashing, strong air control, and other movement tricks…

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6 years ago

Show Me Your Moves: Toxikk

I've been keeping one of my infinite eyeballs on arena FPS Toxikk while the rest stare at Unreal Tournament, Blizzard and my own naval. It's a genre I'm convinced only needs a small push to skyrocket in popularity now that we live in an age of Twitch streams and YouTubers. Much like MOBAs it's a genre ripe for spectating and competition in equal measure but just…

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I’m Addicted To UT: Toxikk

Toxikk is a throwback, a self-proclaimed bullshit-free arena shooter that looks back to the days of Unreal Tournament. No regenerating health, no free to play, no classes. Yes! An end to class warfare, an end to something-for-nothing culture, an end to untenable healthcare! The video below is a party political broadcast from Reakktor Studios but it shows the walk as well as the talk. It's…

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Back To The Arena: Toxikk

Toxikk wants to take you back to before the days of military shooters and sensible game names, when the arena FPS ruled and all followed in its wake. Reakktor Studios (who previously worked on shooty MMOs Neocron and Black Prophecy) are heavily pushing the old school feel, seemingly drawing a lot from the best arena FPS ever. But the trailer, which you'll find below, focuses…

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