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Trials Rising

1 year ago

Trials Rising now has a demo, and a new expansion’s off to the Amazon

I don't read many biographies, but a few years ago I picked up a book called One River by the anthropologist and botanist Wade Davis. One River is a historical account of the exploration of the Amazon river basin and the story of Davis' own experience on the river in search of medicinal, and often hallucinogenic plants. There are odd parallels here to Apocalypse Now.…

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Get your kicks on Route 66 in Trials Rising’s first expansion

If you ever plan to motor west, don't just take the highway - do a triple flip over the highway while on fire, that's the best. Trials Rising hit Route 66 in its first expansion, released today, with two dozen new tracks across the iconic running from Chicago to Los Angeles. Pass through--and over--big cities, one-stoplight towns, ghost towns, the Grand Canyon, Santa Monica Pier,…

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2 years ago

Trials Rising crashes spectacularly into stores

The Trials games have always been about celebrating failure as much as victory, which is why almost every level in Trials Rising (out today) involves some manner of comically violent crash. It's okay to explode, or fall off a cliff, or be squashed by a falling cartoon piano in pursuit of glory - it's all part of the learning experience. On that note, Trials Rising might…

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Trials Rising rides into a free open beta weekend today

Trials Rising launches next Tuesday, February 26th, but anyone interested can take it for a free spin right now - Ubisoft are running an open beta running until just before launch. The latest in Redlynx's long-running series of twitchy, technical platformers disguised as bike-racing games, this one feels a little bit more competitive than the sci-fi themed Trials Fusion. Still, under the hood it's the…

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Trials Rising crashes into open beta the weekend before launch

Bone-pulverising bike crash 'em up Trials Rising will be free to try next weekend, from Thursday, February 21st to Sunday, February 25th, leading directly into its launch. Presumably to get some new blood on board (if you like past Trials games, this one seems similar), Ubisoft are inviting the great un-mangled public to give their motorcycle platformer a try. Bring a friend, too, for the…

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Bone-crushing platformer Trials Rising launches February with a closed beta in September

I've been a fan of Redlynx's Trials series since it was a browser game, and I remain resolutely rubbish at them. Devious precision platformers cunningly disguised as motorsport, the next game in the series - Trials Rising - looks to keep up the facade. Rising is due for release on February 12th next year but players with a taste for pain and the ability to stomach…

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Trials Rising is backflipping out in February 2019

A new dirtbike crashing simulator has been announced by the makers of the Trials series. Trials Rising will be out in February next year, says creative director of Redlynx, Antti Ilvessuo, who arrived at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference riding a motorcycle and wearing an Evil Kineval suit, a costume only bettered by the dancing Panda bandmaster from earlier in the show. Anyway, new Trials.

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