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Twin Mirror

2 days ago

Feature: I think we need to knock some of the walls through

I couldn’t stop laughing at Twin Mirror’s Mind Palace

I’ve spent some time with Twin Mirror, Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming adventure game in which you play as a fella called Sam. Sam, an ex journalist, has returned to the sleepy town of Basswood to attend his friend’s funeral, and he latches onto the possibility that his mate may have been murdered. The game centres around uncovering the truth. If you’ve played the likes of Life…

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6 months ago

Oh hey, remember Dontnod’s weird investigative adventure game Twin Mirror? Here’s a new teaser trailer

It's been a bit quiet on the Twin Mirror front, but a new teaser trailer was just revealed at the PC Gaming Show. For those who don't remember (who could blame you? It's been so long I thought the trailer was teasing a sequel to A Way Out before I thought of Twin Mirror), Twin Mirror is a weird sort of X-Filesy adventure game from…

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2 years ago

Feature: Where is my mind?

The Twin Mirror demo and the mysterious case of hey, what happened to my shirt?

Picture the scene if you yourself were Sam, the protagonist of Dontnod's new IP Twin Mirror. You wake up, hungover, in a cheap hotel room. You’re still in the jeans you wore the night before. Your mouth probably tastes like a tiny glue factory. A hotel staffer is hammering on the door because you’ve missed check out. Suddenly you realise: you’re not wearing a shirt!…

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Dontnod’s Twin Mirror has a real wanger of an imaginary friend

Turns out, Dontnod's small-town mystery Twin Mirror does indeed have a fair bit in common with Deadly Premonition. I'd avoided mentioning my suspicions when the Life Is Strange studio announced their next game earlier this year, because I recognise I have a problem of shouting "THAT'S LIKE DEADLY PREMONITION!" any time I see e.g. a car, a vending machine, a tree, or a man in…

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Life Is Strange devs announce Twin Mirror

Following the teen drama of Life Is Strange and the bloodsucking drama of Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment are next applying their spooky sensibilities to a tale of a journalist returning to his home town. Publishers Bandai Namco today announced Twin Mirror, the Dontnod game they teased last year but had kept secret. Turns out, it's a "psychological thriller" story 'em up involving amnesia, investigation, and possibly…

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