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Uncanny Valley

1 year ago

Feature: BOO

Have You Played… Uncanny Valley?

I've heard of love at first sight, but does it really count when all you've done is speak two or three terse lines of dialogue at someone? Uncanny Valley seems to think so, because that was all it took to make spooky apartment building owner Eve fall in love with new boy security guard (and player character) Tom. She even sent a letter inviting him…

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6 years ago

Feature: A Literal Valley

How Green Is My Uncanny Valley

I have The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter installed on my PC and ready to go. But there's something that's been playing on my mind regarding that game before I've even booted it up. It's been nagging at me ever since I watched a video from Andy Kelly's Other Places series – the one which focuses on Ethan Carter's Red Creek Valley – and it finally…

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