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Unexplored review

The best procedural dungeons


2 years ago

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy to explore the surface next year

Another reveal during E3's PC Gaming Show, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is sequel to one of my favourite action-roguelikes of all time. The original Unexplored was purely limited to subterranean dungeons, but the sequel is expanding the action out into the wider world, and assembling adventures that span multiple generations, hence the 'legacy' part of the title. The sequel has a completely new look,…

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Unexplored mod BOILINGHOT lets you delve at your own pace

Much as I love Ludomotion's real-time roguelike Unexplored, I'm acutely aware that a lot of people bounced off it because it's a lot to process all at once. Enter BOILINGHOT, a SUPERHOT-inspired mod by "YellowAfterlife" which might just help the less twitchy amongst us. As with the stylish first-person shooter, time moves at a crawl - ten percent of normal - but speeds up to…

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Unexplored’s free Dark Ritual DLC is like playing reverse roguelike Cluedo

Unexplored remains one of the best real-time roguelikes out there. Inspired heavily by the tactile but stat-lite Brogue, it inspired a gushing review from Adam, and was one of my Game of the Year nominees for 2017. It was great back then, and thanks to developers Ludomotion's steady content updates, even better now. Today marks the release of the third and final major free DLC…

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4 years ago

Unexplored takes on Aliens in free DLC

Unexplored [official site] is one of my favourite new dungeon-crawling roguelikes, using smart procedural generation to create levels that don't play like anything else out there. There are puzzles and monsters and loot chests, and I love it dearly even though it isn't even slightly turn-based. I also love Alien, even though it seems to have become a scab that Ridley Scott can't stop picking…

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Unexplored plunders Mines of Moryondor in free DLC

Unexplored [official site], the splendid roguelikelike dungeon-crawler which Adam said "is almost certainly going to be one of my favourite games of the year", today received a free DLC adding a new challenge. Mithril Run's goal is to collect as much gold as you can in the dwarven mines of Moryondor, which keep some elements similar-ish between runs while others change more. Unexplorers can hit…

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