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v r 3

6 months ago

Pippin Barr returns to digital water museums with Bitsy exhibition b r 3

Grab your wellies, readers. Educator, developer and museophile Pippin Barr has once again dipped his toes back into the world of virtual puddles. Following 2017's v r 3, Barr's new b r 3 exhibition (official site) once again explores the many ways devs choose to draw their streams, rivers and oceans - this time, through the lens of free game-making webtool Bitsy.

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4 years ago

v r 3: Pippin Barr’s exhibition of digital water

Pippin Barr's water collection, v r 3, is so lovely [official site]! You can download it for free and just wander round examining different people's approaches to designing and programming water effects in a museum-style setting. It's so pleasing as a snapshot of different game aesthetics as well as different people's ideas and work and style!

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