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9 months ago

Feature: Smoke without fire

Premature Evaluation: Volcanoids

Volcanoids sounds like a rude illness you need to buy cream for, but you’re too embarrassed to ask the lady in the pharmacy because she knows your mum and even though your mum has seen you in every state of undress and infirmity you still can’t let her know you’ve got Volcanoids because you’re a grown-up for heaven’s sake, you’re a grown-up, why is everything…

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10 months ago

Volcanoids erupts into early access today

Not to be confused with singing synthesizers, Volcanoids is a survival and crafting sandbox in early access, and wait, no - where are you going? This one is different, I swear. Volcanoid Studio skip the boring 'caveman' parts and starts players out assembling a Jules Verne-esque tunnelling land-ship. Once your vessel is ship (and drill) shaped, you're off to battle an army of magma-fuelled steampunk…

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