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Walking Simulator A Month Club Vol. 1

4 weeks ago

Walking Simulator A Month Club’s first volume goes free in a “self-isolation” sale

Being cooped up shouldn't mean missing out on the heat death of the universe. To help fight off those quarantine blues, Connor Sherlock's Walking Sim A Month Club Vol. 1 is completely free until the end of March in a "self-isolation" sale. The first volume in Sherlock's Patreon-funded worlds lets you explore over a dozen alien hiking routes - from colossal megastructures to decaying wildernesses…

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2 years ago

Connor Sherlock’s Walking Simulator A Month Club collection visits a lot of strange places for $5

Connor Sherlock makes some of my favourite walking simulators these days. With bold colours, vast scale, and his cracking retro synth soundtracks, they explore strange places it often feels we really shouldn't be in. I've wandered through mysterious structures on the surface of a comet, through caves and catacombs, and down the valleys beyond a walled kingdom, I've rocketed around megastructures and even had a…

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