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Wandersong review

Sing me to life


5 months ago

2 years ago

Feature: Sing when you're winning

Overthinking Games: the freedom of communicating in Wandersong

The central idea behind Wandersong is coming across things and singing at them, just to see what happens. Sure, there’s also this bit in the plot about the impending apocalypse, but no rush, we will eventually solve that with a song, too. More so than the story, the singing in Wandersong made me think about all the ways our brains connect to music, and how…

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Feature: These indies should get a new Alyse on life

Alyse Stanley’s 5 best games of 2018

It’s been a pretty stinking great year for indie games. We’ve seen the release of several long-hyped darlings (finally) as well as a few surprise hits that went on to dominate newsfeeds. You easily could have missed them, though, what with all the big budget map fest games making huge waves this year. I know there are about a million games demanding your attention right…

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Feature: Best listicle of the year

Giada Zavarise’s 5 best games of 2018

2018 is the year I played Symphony Of The Night for the first time. Can I just rave about Symphony Of The Night for the whole article? No? Fine. Here are some other games that aren’t too shabby, either.

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Feature: Jump x100!!!!!!

Wandersong’s achievements are emblematic of its great attention to detail

Bard-based adventure Wandersong is, simply put, delightful. But though its colourful style and heartwarming story of hope in the face of adversity are excellent, it’s the little details that I find myself enjoying most. There are so many of them, scattered through every part of the game, but a really good example can be found in its achievements.Spoilers up to and including Act Four below…

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