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4 weeks ago

Tencent now own Digital Extremes and Splash Damage

Chinese media conglomerate Tencent have bought Leyou, a name which might not mean much to you but you'll know some of their subsidiaries: Warframe developers Digital Extremes, and Dirty Bomb devs Splash Damage. Both those studios have issued statements saying hey, don't sweat it, this will be fine.

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4 months ago

Warframe is shrinking its install size by a respectable 15GB

If you're finding your PC has become overloaded with gigantic game files, the Warframe devs have a nice plan in store for you to free up some space on your hard drives. Next week, Digital Extremes are kicking off a series of updates for the spacefaring shoot-em-up that will eventually reduce the size of Warframe by a very polite 15GB.Ah, I don't even need to…

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5 months ago

Heart Of Deimos expansion infests Warframe today

Digital Extremes' MMO shoot-em-up Warframe gets a meaty and, well, pretty gross-looking expansion today. It's called The Heart Of Deimos, and it plops you Tennos onto the titular Martian moon to kill some Infested aliens and figure out what they're up to (you know, aside from making everything look plague-ridden).This expansion is introducing a big new open world area, as well as Warframe power customisation,…

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6 months ago

Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos expansion has two giant worms eternally battling for glory

Warframe's gone and infested an entire moon with creepy crawlies for its Heart Of Deimos expansion. Shown properly for the first time during today's Waframe fan event livestream, the expansion also includes other cool stuff, like customisable Warframe powers and a huge new open world area. But I'm more interested in the pair of gigantic worms endlessly warring to take control of the moon. At…

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Warframe will reveal more of Heart Of Deimos expansion at TennoCon next week

Digital Extremes' fifth annual Warframe event, TennoCon, kicks off next week on August 1st (albeit digitally this year thanks to that pandemic). They'll be revealing the details of the game's next expansion, Heart Of Deimos, and to pique players' interest, they've released a tidbit of info and a cheeky teaser for said expansion already. It'll all revolve around the Infested - an alien faction taken…

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7 months ago

Warframe: TennoCon 2020 is delayed to August 1st

Well, as pretty much every event has gone online and been delayed at least once this year, this comes as no surprise. Warframe's TennoCon fan event already went online-only for this year, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has now moved back its date. Previously planned for July 11th, TennoCon 2020 is now coming on August 1st.

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8 months ago

Warframe is giving its oldest derelicts a makeover

When Warframe set up shop in 2012, it was a simple thing. A few rooms, a few baddies, and a good helping of backflips. But with each update bringing increasingly fanciful new designs, the free-to-play slasher's oldest hallways are starting to look rather dusty. That's why the devs are unpacking their toolkits for a little bit of D.I.Y - re-imagining the game's ancient Corpus environments…

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11 months ago

Warframe prepares for its next mission with a massive spring cleaning update

A new threat is preparing to take on Warframe's interstellar ninjas. Operation Scarlet Spear kicks off next month, pushing the sci-fi stakes higher as The Sentient begin their system-wide invasion. Wait, we're having visitors? Oh gosh, but the place is a mess. Before the next battle can begin in earnest, developers Digital Extremes have decided to put together a doozy of a housekeeping update, bringing…

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1 year ago

Game devs and players continue banding together to help the Australian bushfire crisis

Australia is still burning, but over the last couple of days they've actually had some rain! While this is a big help to certain areas, there are still 83 fires blazing around the country, and there's a lot of people and wildlife still in trouble. It's good job then that there are even more game devs, companies, and communities banding together to help out our…

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Warframe’s spaceship combat is now live with the Empyrean expansion

While most announcements at The Game Awards focus on games months and years away, this one relates to something you can play right now: Warframe just launched its latest expansion, live on stage during the show. Empyrean is the expansion which lets crabmen pilot their own spaceship together with up to three pals, blasting through new spaceship missions. It is wild how much Warframe has…

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Warframe builds a battleship in the incoming Rising Tides update

Empyrean will add space battles to third-person slice 'em up Warframe. We've known that for good while now. But where do a rag-tag band of high-concept fashion ninjas get their hands on a massive spaceship anyway? Incoming free update Rising Tides answers that question, preparing for the galactic warfare to come by setting loot-hungry players loose across the solar system in a stellar smash n'…

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2 years ago

Warframe: all the news and trailers from TennoCon 2019

This weekend was TennoCon, the annual Warframe fan event, and as is tradition Digital Extremes showed swathes of new updates coming to their free-to-play space ninja game. Matthew was there and has already written his impressions of Warframe Empyrean, which is adding spaceship combat to the game, but there were other announcements, reveals and releases. Those include: a new Warframe Prime release, a trailer for…

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Warframe revamps Jupiter in The Jovian Concord next week

The next big update for space-ninja looty shooter Warframe is just over the horizon. The Jovian Concord, previously known as the Gas City Remaster update, is due out next week, although Digital Extremes are a bit fuzzy on what day exactly. It'll bring a complete story-driven rework to one of the free-to-play shooter's earliest environment types (Corpus gas-mining platforms on Jupiter), a new set of…

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Warframe remasters the Plains Of Eidolon today

Spring is in the air in Warframe, and so are a bunch of bouncing Grineer tanks. A major overhaul update has revitalised the Plains Of Eidolon, the free-to-play shooter's original open-world zone. Digital Extremes have returned to Earth to polish up the environment, bringing it more in line with the scenic Venusian landscapes of Fortuna. That means more greenery, some new boss fights, more animals…

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Warframe celebrates six years with a full set of giveaway gear

Time flies when you're having fun, and six years have just whizzed past playing space-ninja loot n' shooter Warframe. I can't think of many other games that have changed as drastically since launch, either. What was once a scrappy last-ditch attempt to keep the lights on at Digital Extremes is now a sprawling free-to-play monster with its own annual convention. To celebrate this endurance, for…

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Warframe deploys its melee overhaul and new frame Hildryn

Not to be outdone by Dante and co, space-ninja loot n' shooter Warframe has finally rolled out the first part of its long-awaited melee overhaul. Digital Extremes have banished the dedicated melee stance, replaced by having full access to all your combos through your melee quick-button. You can even combo into and out of ranged attacks, punctuating a series of swings with a shotgun blast,…

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Warframe ditches Alerts to hunt The Wolf Of Saturn Six

The big melee revamp for space-ninja loot n' shooter Warframe might be late, but Digital Extremes just rolled out an overhaul of one of its older, clunkier core parts. Alerts - time-limited side missions, rewarding players with money, crafting blueprints and the occasional bit of rare crafting gear - are out. In their place comes Nightwave, seasons of new story-driven missions delivered by pirate radio host…

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Warframe’s Profit-Taker heist update busts out the big guns today

Warframe's space-travel update might not be here until the new year, but Digital Extremes are ending 2018 with a bang and a very large boss to fight. Fleshing out the frozen Venusian landscape introduced in the Fortuna expansion, today's update - The Profit-Taker - finally lets players take on the giant robot spider seen in Fortuna's introductory missions. There's also a new Warframe (reluctant warrior-monk…

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Warframe players refuse to let Fortuna instance number 69 end

A group of hardcore number fans have kept Warframe's Fortuna 69 instance alive for over a month now, and developers Digital Extremes are lending a hand. Instance 69 of the Fortuna hub area has become a bit of a party zone with dedicated digitheads loitering round the clock to prevent the free-to-play action-RPG's server instance from automatically shutting down. Digital Extremes even guided players through…

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Warframe players speak out against crunch

Free-to-play acrobatic shooter Warframe just dropped its second expansion, bringing a whole lot of new stuff to the game. It was doubtlessly a lot of work for developers Digital Extremes – but, say some of its players, hopefully not too much. In a positive step, they’ve encouraged the team to avoid overwork and crunch, even if that means the game gets slower updates.

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