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Wattam review

Wattave I just played?


12 months ago

Wattam, from the designer of Katamari Damacy, is out now

Winter may be here to stay for a bit but there's some stray sunshine to be found in Wattam, the bright little puzzle game that will feel immediately familiar to anyone who played Katamari Damacy years ago on the PS2. Or, heck, last year's re-release on the PC. Wattam has a similar fascination with things that would normally be inanimate objects like toilets, trees, and…

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1 year ago

Wattam’s non-stop wobble party hits PC next month

Winter's hit like a brick this year, and it's about time we were owed a little sunshine. It warms the heart, then, to discover that joyous friend 'em up Wattam was given a release date earlier today. Arriving in the grim heart of December, mere days after the country plunges into a miserable election, I think we'll all need some time to go morris dancing…

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Wattam coming to the Epic Games Store in December

Bright and bouncy befriend 'em up Wattam is expected to hit the Epic Games Store in December, according to a tweet by its publisher, Annapurna Interactive. There's no word on whether Epic plan to hit it back.I won't lie. I've been paying this no attention whatsoever, but even just a few moments of the below trailer was enough to convince me I should. It came…

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3 years ago

Make colourful blobs hold hands in bizarre puzzler Wattam, out next year

Wattam [official site] is a puzzler from the mind of Keita Takahashi, the chap behind Katamari Damacy, which was that very fun Playstation game where you rolled around making stuff stick to you. Wattam was first announced in 2014 but there's been radio silence for a while as the game hunted for a publisher after being dropped by Sony. Now, Annapurna Interactive (of the excellent What…

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