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Wayward Souls

2 years ago

Feature: Never start with a mage

Premature Evaluation: Wayward Souls

Premature Evaluation is the weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access. This week, Fraser’s back on the roguelikes with Wayward Souls. It looks like Secret of Mana, but it’s meaner. It might have been a mistake to play as the mage. Wayward Souls’ dungeons promise death at the hands, claws and slimey appendages of countless beasties, but my first killer was…

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Wayward Souls crawls into the dungeons of early access

Wayward Souls: Curse of Shadow, a story-driven and SNES-inspired action RPG (with procedurally generated dungeons, of course) is out now on PC in early access. An enhanced port of Rocketcat's 2014 mobile RPG, I've been meaning to try it after hearing good things about it - what you'd expect from the developers of the excellent Death Road to Canada.

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Wayward Souls is coming to PC next week

In the dismal spring rains of 2014, word came to Adam of a mobile action RPG called Wayward Souls, a top-down skellington-smasher with randomised levels and lots of hats. It excited him. We were very into hats back then. Fast forward four horrendous years and the game is finally coming to PC. What took the developers so long? Oh, I guess they were busy making…

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7 years ago

Bonfire Of The Sanities: Wayward Souls

Champion of indie games and decent chap Mike Rose told me of Wayward Souls' existence at the beginning of the week. I'd mentioned something Dark Souls related on Twitter and he suggested I take a look at Wayward Souls, describing it as a mobile variant. What he didn't tell me is that the game, from the developers of Punch Quest and the spiffy Mage Gauntlet,…

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