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We Need to Go Deeper

1 year ago

Co-op submariner We Need To Go Deeper surfaces from the early access depths

Thar be monsters 'ere, sailor. Arr, legend foretells of vessels getting lost in these seas. Crews abandoning all hope. Great, magnificent ships leaving port with a belly full of gold, never to be heard for again. Take it from an ol' sea dog, kid, there be perils aplenty on the early access waters. A welcome sight indeed, says I, when a ship returns with a…

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4 years ago

Crew a sub with your chums in We Need to Go Deeper

Round up some friends, put on silly moustaches, hop in your submarine, and dive! dive! dive! into the unknown (and unfriendly) oceans of We Need to Go Deeper [official site]. Just hit early access, it's a co-op roguelikelike cramming 2-4 players into a sub for an arcade-y Jules Verne-ish adventure. It's jolly pretty and looks cracking fun too, as players scamper around inside the sub…

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7 years ago

Kraken Up: We Need To Go Deeper Is Undersea FTL

As I observed in my write-up of humans-and-fish-can-never-be-friends simulator FarSky, games rarely wade into the sea past their belly buttons, let alone delve 20,000 leagues under it. To be fair, there are good reasons for this: it's wet and cold down there; also, 3D cameras go haywire, controls suffer, and drowning isn't a lot of fun (by most definitions of the word). That's not stopping…

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