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What The Golf?

4 months ago

What The Golf? tees up for very normal golfing antics today

Golf is a rather good baseline for a game, but it's a bit white bread. A lot of golf games play the sport straight, putting smart shoes on the safe sort of lad you could take home to mum, touring the neatest garden lawns in the northern hemisphere, all under the watchful eyes of a pixellated Tiger Woods. Golf can be awful fun, sure, but…

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What The Golf? tumbles into stores in October

We as a society already decided that golf was too dry, and subsequently invented mini golf. But clearly mini golf is now also a bore, and we’re onto What The Golf? which lets you putt a whole array of chaos, including your breakfast, your house, and yourself. It’s a radical acceleration in how we spice up older pastimes for the insatiable attention appetite of the…

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1 year ago

EGX 2018 hits Birmingham next week – try out these PC gems at the show

There's just one week left until a borderline-biblical plague of developers descend upon Birmingham to showcase their up-and-coming games to all. This great gathering shall be known as EGX 2018 and starts on September 20th, running until the 23rd. There's going to be hundreds of games on show there across all platforms, featuring developers of all shapes and sizes - both physically and business-wise. While I'll be…

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