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World War 3

2 years ago

Devs apologise for kicking World War 3 off to a disastrous start

It's not all sunshine and roses over in World War 3. That's a Battlefield-like that entered early access last Friday, not a global calamity you're only just learning about on RPS.World War 3 was supposed to kick off on Friday, but server issues meant that nobody could actually start warring until the following day. A stream of patches has since brought at least some people…

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Battlefield-ish shooter World War 3 makes its early access debut

I'm not entirely sure why, but there are some people who really liked the Battlefield games when they were at their most gritty and pseudo-realistic. World War 3, released into early access today and developed by Necrovision studio The Farm 51, is for them. Destructible maps of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow, customisable guns and a realistic armour system for both infantry and vehicles give this…

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Gritty Battlefield-like FPS World War 3 enters early access on October 19th

Military FPS-heads who look back fondly at Battlefield 4's modern messy urban combat might want to take a peek at World War 3 next month. Developed by Necrovision studio The Farm 51 and announced back in June, it looks and sounds very much in the vein of Battlefield games past, and enters early access next month on October 19th, sneakily preempting the delayed Battlefield 5.Below,…

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The Farm 51 declare World War 3

Such is the state of the political climate that when the words "World War 3 Coming to Steam in 2018" appeared in my inbox this week, my immediate reaction was "Well, I've heard dafter threats of nuclear armageddon." But nah, rather than bombs dropping in response to a Steam review bomb, it's just a new multiplayer first-person shooter from The Farm 51. This time, the…

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