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Worms Armageddon

3 months ago

Worms Armageddon gets a modernising update

If you're not so sure about the recently-announced, Worms Rumble battle royale game, you may be more excited to hear about today's glow up for classic Worms Armageddon. Released today, version 3.8 adds all sorts of modern features to the old turn-based battlefield including more custom match options, windowed mode, and a few other neat new tricks.

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7 months ago

Team 17 tease a new Worms game “like you’ve never played before” this year

Slapstick strategy series Worms has got something planned for ya this year. So grab your bats and explosive sheep. You'll probably need them. Team 17 have released a teaser video announcing that Worms is properly back since the first time since 2016. "Things are getting real in 2020," they say, though things still look pretty cartoon-y to me.

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1 year ago

Feature: Clan warfare

Have You Played…Worms: Armageddon?

Worms Armageddon has the distinction of being the first game I took seriously. I don't know why, it was just a mindless game about worms blowing each other up with "accidental" mine placement and the occasional French Sheep Strike. How could that possibly be competitive? Well, back in the glory days of the internet, before things like voice chat that allowed people to hurl abuse at…

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