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Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like A Dragon review

New dragon, new quest, still great


Yakuza: Like A Dragon workshop - How to upgrade and craft new gear

How to exchange materials for strong gear

1 month ago

Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s latest patch adds a missing battle feature

Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s turn-based fights are a turning point for the bat-swinging, crime caper that is the Yakuza series. I thought the game still retained its messy brawls even after the added tactical punch, but according to the latest patch, the game has been missing a key battle feature this whole time: "WEAK".

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2 months ago

Feature: How to get your DLC

How to claim DLC items in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

If you've bought the special editions of Yakuza: Like A Dragon like the Day Ichi, Hero, and Legendary Hero bundles then you've got some DLC items to pocket. Although, the game doesn't make it particularly clear how to claim these items which is helpful isn't it? So in this guide I'll take you through how to claim your DLC items in-game.

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Feature: How to exchange materials for strong gear

Yakuza: Like A Dragon workshop – How to upgrade and craft new gear

Towards the beginning of Chapter 5 of Yakuza: Like A Dragon you'll unlock the Romance Workshop. It's a place where you can hand over crafting materials, and some of your hard-earned yen, in exchange for powerful weapons and gear. You're also able to upgrade your equipment here too. All in all, it's vital you visit this location throughout the course of the game to keep…

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Feature: How to get green fingers.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon gardening – How to plant and harvest

Early on in your Yakuza: Like A Dragon adventures you’ll gain the ability to do some gardening. It’s less tending to some flowers and making them pretty, and more shoving some seeds in a planter and harvesting a few tomatoes. However, it’s extremely useful for crafting healing items as well as gifts to further those all important romances. Below I’ll explain how to garden, harvest…

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Feature: How to catch plenty of bugs.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon insects – where to catch bugs

Crafting powerful weapons and gear in Yakuza: Like A Dragon doesn’t just require the usual assortment of wires and metal and spikes. To really make something special, you’ll need to throw some insects into the mix. We’re talking scorpions, stag beetles, the odd cockroach if need be. They say insects are the future of food, so it’s not entirely out of the question that they’re…

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Feature: LollaYakuza #03: The Town At Rock Bottom

Video – Yakuza: Like A Dragon chapter 3 introduces the wonder of recycling and job centres

After a pretty rough run-in with someone that Kasuga thought was his pal, the protagonist of Yakuza: Like A Dragon has ended up homeless in Ijincho. But, that's not much to worry about, because he's got the power of positivity and the realistic Nanba by his side.And these two lads are ready to do some recycling and get some jobs!This is LollaYakuza #03: The Town…

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Feature: Get schmoozing

Yakuza: Like A Dragon romance – are there romance options?

It may come as a surprise, but in Yakuza: Like A Dragon there are opportunities to build romantic relationships with several characters. I say this as it’s hinted at but never really explained in depth at all. Below I’ll break down how romance works in the game and who you’re able to romance.

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Yakuza producer would like to create “a completely different Sonic” game if given the chance

As part of the celebration for Sega's 60th anniversary, they've sat down with long-time Yakuza series producer and director Daisuke Sato to talk about his history with the company. Although he's got years of Yakuza games to his name, including Yakuza: Like A Dragon, the series he's never gotten involved with but would like to is Sonic. Heck, maybe that's a Sonic game even I…

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Feature: Dragon's Den

Yakuza Like A Dragon management: how to run Ichiban Confections

There’s a business management minigame in Yakuza: Like A Dragon that’s pretty overwhelming when you first jump in. It’s an onslaught of menus and stats and bars which don’t exactly explain much of what’s going on, or what you’re meant to do for that matter. Below I’ll explain how management works in the game and how best to climb the business rankings.

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Feature: Here's where to find it

Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Where to get the Premium Sushi Set

Yakuza: Like A Dragon features a substory where you’ve got to grab a Premium Sushi Set for a homeless man in exchange for their crawfish. A very special crawfish, at that, called Nancy. Trouble is, it’s a bit of a pain tracking down this elusive set, especially if you’re in a hurry. In this guide I’ll explain where to find the Premium Sushi Set.

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Feature: All exam answers in one place

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Test Answers – all Ounabara Vocational School exam answers

Yakuza: Like A Dragon isn’t all about fighting goons and making money. It’s also about building Kasuga’s personality to help you bash thugs better, of course. By taking exams at the Ounabara Vocational School, Kasuga can increase his six personality stats quickly, which’ll go towards protecting you against status effects in battle or unlocking specific jobs. On this page I’ll walk you through how the…

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Feature: Ways to get yen fast in Yakuza Like a Dragon

Yakuza Like A Dragon: How to make money fast

Yakuza: Like A Dragon involves, well, the yakuza. And you know what makes their world go around? Money. Specifically, yen - and lots of it. As you progress through the main story and get stuck into plenty of the substories, you’ll definitely want large wads of cash at your disposal to buy new weapons, new armour, healing items, and more. To help you out, I’ve…

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Feature: Updated with the best from 2020

The best RPGs on PC in 2020

Last year brought RPG gems like Disco Elysium. Was there an RPG as good released in 2020? We've updated our list of the best RPGs of all time to reflect the best of the past year - and there's still dozens of older classics, too.

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Feature: There's quite a few to get through

How many chapters are there in Yakuza: Like A Dragon?

Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s a hefty game and if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how far along you are in the story. Well, you’ve likely got a while to go as it’s a lengthy tale with many, many chapters and hours of cutscenes. How many chapters are there?

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Feature: Here's where to find all of the missing cats.

Yakuza Like A Dragon: Where to find all the missing cats

This Yakuza: Like A Dragon Part Time Hero quest unlocks midway through Chapter 5. Once you've talked with Hiro a few times, he'll give you a call out of the blue and task you with finding all the cats that have fled his office. It sounds like a massive pain, but it's actually well worth tracking them all down as you'll receive a lovely 2…

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Feature: Here's where to find all ten Kappa Statues.

Yakuza Like A Dragon: Where to find all ten Kappa statues

There’s a Part Time Hero quest in Yakuza: Like A Dragon which requires you to find and take a photo with ten Kappa statues that are dotted around Yokohama. If you manage to track them all down you’ll get a cool 2 million Yen alongside some other useful bits and bobs.

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Feature: LollaYakuza #02: Bloody Reunion

Video – Yakuza: Like A Dragon chapter 2 has both a graveyard AND a dungeon

I don't think I fully appreciated how long Yakuza: Like A Dragon was going to be when I started this let's play series. Still, the sincerity and scenery-chewing of its characters will get me through this mammoth task quite easily, I think. It'll have to, because we're still very much in cutscene city at the moment.This is LollaYakuza #02: Bloody Reunion.

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon is out now

Those Japanese mobsters with hearts of gold return today for a new adventure in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Sega's RPG series takes a slightly different turn with this new entry, switching out the beat 'em up combat for some turn-based action. Set in the city of Yokohama, Like A Dragon is moving on from good old Kiryu to introduce newbie Ichiban Kasuga. In an unsurprising…

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