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Gamer Network is hiring for a new tabletop site

Write about checkers, or bridge!

RPS used to have a boardgame column and we still regularly get people asking if they can write about tabletop games for us. There will soon be a better location for that kind of work, however. Gamer Network - the corporate overlords of RPS, Eurogamer, GamesIndustry.biz, and more - are launching a tabletop website and YouTube channel. They're now hiring for all sorts of roles and this is your notice that you can apply.

The specific roles they're looking to fill are editor-in-chief, section editor, staff writer, video producer/presenter and advertising account executive. So basically all of the roles, then.

There are more details about what each role requires and entails at those links. What's not described is the plan for the site itself, but that's part of what makes this exciting. If you're an expert in tabletop games - boardgames, pen-and-paper, all that physical stuff - then this is your chance to define the direction of a major new site and YouTube channel. Get those CVs in.

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