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Japan Disaster Aid From SI and Zynga

There are a great many ways and places to donate money to assist victims of the tragic events in Japan last week. Nonetheless, it's good to see game companies also doing their bit to tempt their players into lending a financial hand during this time of need.

Social network gaming titan Zynga is highlighting the need for aid to its not inconsiderable audience of Facebook gamers. Anyone looking to buy Facebook Credits to purchase in-game goods will also be prompted to instead purchase special alternatives (such as power-up crops and Japan-themed decorations), full proceeds for which will go to Save The Children's vital efforts to help children and their families affected by the tragedy.

Whatever you might happen to think about that particular genre of game and of Zynga particularly, there's simply no arguing with the fact that a similar system arranged in response to the Haiti earthquake last year raised over $1.5 million in donations.

If you're not any kind Facebook gamer, you can always donate directly to Save The Children's Japanese disaster relief fund here.

Also, and if you're an iPhone owner tempted by the Appletised version of perennial UK PC hit Football Manager 2011, all revenues for the app (until the end of the week) will be donated to Japanese relief efforts. Nice one, Sports Interactive and SEGA.

Please do post links to any and all other charity initiatives and/or organisations pitching in to help Japan below.

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