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Yay: UK Games Industry Raises £0.5m For Kids' Charities

8 charities each getting £70,500

It's so often STRANGLING and SCANDAL on our front page, so hey, let's post about something rather happy to start the day off. UK games industry collective GamesAid just announced that they've raised over half a million quid over the last year, which they then distribute between charities that help disadvantaged and disabled young people. That's 30% up from last year, and their most successful fundraising ever. Eight charities will benefit from it, each receiving a big old cheque for £70,500.

Those charities are Accuro, Action for Kids, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, Lifelites, MAPS, Safe @ Last, SpecialEffect and Jigsaw 4 U, some of whom's work is discussed in this here video:

GamesAid mainly operates within the UK games industry, raising funds through events such as stand-up nights, golf days and poker tournaments, though it's also been involved with a few Humble Bundles. If you're in the industry (and that includes mediafolk) you can sign up here and have a chance to vote on which charities benefit, as well as get invitations to the various events, but anyone can straight-up donate here. Alternatively, you can have a go at buying something from the GamesAid eBay store, the contents of which were donated by UK games companies.

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