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Highlights from Gamesplanet's biggest sale of the year

With 24 hour flash sales plus a bevvy of week-long discounts.

UK and European retailer Gamesplanet is running their biggest sale of the year right now, offering deep discounts on a range of PC games from classic titles to modern marvels until August 23rd. Here are our some of our favourites from the sale, including from today's Flash Deals and options from the promotion proper.

Let's start with the 24 hour flash deals, as these will turn into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight (or something).

  • Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 for £6.74 is a great deal, as the 2017 release still costs £40 on Steam. Fraser reckoned it was well worth playing, despite a few flaws that have hopefully been tackled post-launch.
  • The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is another great value pick, selling for £16 - a little over half price. This one is 'overwhelming positive' on Steam and picked up a hearty RPS recommendation, so if you've never played these games on their original Nintendo consoles it's certainly worth picking up.
  • The Surge 2 is another RPS pick - if not quite a bestest best - that Brendan rather enjoyed for its pure devotion to 'an old Souls philosophy'. He reckons that it's the better of the two games, so if you missed the first one but thought its blend of Dark Souls traversal and crunchy sci-fi combat looked interesting, a 74% reduction to £9 seems fair.

Elsewhere in the week-long sale, you can find the likes of chilly city-builder Frostpunk (66% off), RT showcase Control Ultimate Edition (60% off), strand-type-game Death Stranding (60% off), the underrated Ace Combat Skies Unknown (75% off), the lovely Code Vein (75% off), the polished Dark Souls 3 (75% off), somewhat realistic racing game Project Cars 2 (85% off), satisfying weapon-based fighter Soul Calibur 6 (85% off), not-so-weapon-based fighter Tekken 7 (85% off), the whalepunk stylings of Dishonored (75% off) and Dishonored 2 (85% off), frenetic Doom Eternal (76% off), craft-a-better-world Fallout 4 (60% off) and many, many more.

They're saying I have to keep going. OK. Spintires is a bloody brilliant exercise in mud-based futility, it's on sale. All of the Developer Digital games are on sale. Pretty much every Capcom game is on sale too. Like Paradox games, such as Cities Skylines, Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis? All the games, as far as I can tell, and their DLC, are on sale. From Sega, Company of Heroes, Persona, Warhammer and Yakuza games are on sale. All pretty brilliant, IMO. Oh, and every Ubisoft game ever made, it looks like, it just scrolls forever - Assassin's Creed, Anno, Far Cry, For Honor, South Park. And every Tom Clancy's Very Serious War Game.

Phew, I think that just about speaks to the scale and scope of this summer sale. It's definitely worth checking out if you want to keep your back catalogue nice and full, and each day there'll be a few more games in the daily flash sale. Best of luck with it all, and why not share your own favourites in the comments below?

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