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The adorably ultraviolent Gang Beasts is fully out now

Lovely murders

Round up your chums for a spot of adorable ultraviolence, as the wonderful Gang Beasts has launched out of early access. Gang Beasts is a multiplayer arena fighting game where players will hurl each other off the tops of speeding trucks, out windows, and into industrial grinders, grabbing and grappling in physics-simulated fisticuffs. Pummel your pal into exhaustion, hoist them up, go to throw them out the arena, but they recover in time and grab onto the edge and somehow fling you out... it's brutal and it's funny. And it's properly out now.

I've not played Gang Beasts in a fair while -- it hit Steam Early Access in 2014, following a smaller free alpha version -- but I have fond memories. The physics-driven climbing, swinging, dragging, grabbing, clinging, and flinging are wonderful, throwing up all sorts of surprises beyond regular attacks. Combined with the cute characters and their silly costumes, it's a wonderful load of cartoon cruelty.

I really recommend playing Gang Beasts in local multiplayer for full jostling and cheering fun (do read what Brendan said about Gang Beasts at an event I helped run) but online multiplayer is in too. It does also have modes that aren't about duffing up other players but they're certainly not the focus.

Last night's full launch unfortunately did not go well, with the online side sort of falling over. Developers Boneloaf have been working to fix it and in the wee hours declared "We think we have found the cause and should hopefully have everything up and running soon, thank you for your patience and for playing."

Gang Beasts costs £12/€16/$16 on Steam, which includes a 20% launch week discount.

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