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Gangs Of Sherwood is a gritty, dystopian Robin Hood PvE game shooting for 2023

Play as the Merry Men in a co-op PvE action game

Today’s Nacon Connect event included gritty antiheroes such as the Terminator and RoboCop, but I never would’ve expected to see Robin Hood there too. Appeal Studios’ Gangs Of Sherwood is an upcoming third-person PvE co-op action game that puts you in the dainty shoes of the Merry Men. This time though, it’s set in a dystopian future instead of Ye Merry Olde England. Watch the announcement teaser below to see what you think of that.

Fight the wicked Sheriff Of Nottingham with your cyberpunk longbow in Gangs Of Sherwood.

A bit different to Focus Entertainment's Hood: Outlaws & Legends, eh? The neon-tinged weapons for the four main characters are particularly cool. Appeal say you’ll be able to play as Mr. Hood, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and Little John in Gangs Of Sherwood, and that each hero character will have their own customisable gameplay style to help you defeat the forces of the dastardly Sheriff Of Nottingham, who lives in a... flying castle now?

The environments in the reveal trailer seem suitably dingy for that authentic neo-medieval futuristic feel. You’ll need to venture from good old Sherwood Forest, still remarkably verdant in the dystopian future, all the way to aforesaid flying castle full of baddies. The enemy variety sounds fairly mixed too, with Appeal saying they’re will be “performance-enhanced soldiers, formidable war machines and terrifying bosses” to engage in combat.

Gangs Of Sherwood is out in 2023, and it’s riding through the glen onto PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Nacon promise more details “in the coming months”.

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Gangs Of Sherwood


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