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Garbage Before Beauty: Trash TV Demo

Hello! Did you miss me? Did you even notice that I was gone? I've been holidaying for the last week, leaving more resolute men to sift through the upheavals and upheavings of E3, but I'm back now.

To the surprise of not a single soul, I choose to return by gesticulating in the direction of a stylised indie game. Trash TV appears to be a platform game at first but is really more of a puzzler, although a puzzler in which the solution to everything is GUNS. There's loads of GUNS and they enable the television that you are inexplicably controlling to escape from the garbage-haunted recycling plant that is an abattoir for such trash and detritus. The demo's on Steam, the soundtrack is superb. Trailer below.

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Apparently it's a co-op game, although I was most definitely blowing things up and progressing all on my own. The demo is rather miniscule but it should allow you to work out if the visual glitching makes you want to dig into the game's code and correct all the effects, saving your scorched retinas (retinae?), or if, like me, you simply sit back and coo with delight every time an explosion tears at the screen.

You can be even more like me by enjoying the overabundance of effects here while complaining about Max Payne 3 doing something similar, and then you can act surprised and confused when people shout words like 'hipstocritical oaf' at you when you walk down the street.

Although the demo is on Steam, the full release won't necessarily make it to the service and creator Lawrence Russell hasn't fixed on a release date yet. The demo's appearance on Steam is, according to indiegames.com, thanks to it "being a finalist in Intel's Level Up 2011 contest". You can find demos for the other finalists here.

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