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Garbled Tunnel Syndrome: Gateways

I'm going to design a Door Gun. It looks a bit like a normal gun but with some glowing science parts, ut when you shoot it at a wall a door appears. There's a dial on the barrel that can change the type and size of the door, so if you want a dark wooden veneer, that's fine, but if you'd rather have some sort of horrible formica-like slab it can handle that too. It'll mostly be used by architects and joiners. Not like a Gateway Gun, which is a bit like a Portal Gun, and is for the exclusive use of scientists and test subjects. That brings me to Gateways, an upcoming side-scrolling platform-puzzler. The trailer made my brain hurt.

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Obviously, walking through a wall and then falling out of the floor weren't outrageous enough for Smudged Cat Games so they've added replication and size-warping into the mix. The visual style doesn't make me want to jump for joy but the possible complexity of it does.

Rather than being a series of levels, the entire game takes place on one map, with sections becoming available for exploration as new powerups are found. For that reason, I'm going to call it Super Metrortal Braidlevania and I hope you'll join me in doing the same.

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