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Gearbox's Battleborn Delayed To May 2016

Following feedback

What will you be doing on February 9th, 2016? I can't see far enough into my own future to tell you tell you what I'm doing even on Monday, yet I can say with absolute certainty that you won't be playing the finished version of Battleborn [official site] then. Whoa, Nellie! Put down the pitchfork and flaming torch. This isn't witchcraft: Gearbox's multiplayer shooter has been delayed, is all. It's now due on May 3rd, 2016, with an open beta test coming before that next year.

Gearbox explain in the delay announcement:

"We at Gearbox are feeling energized by the data of our Closed Technical Test, and the additional time will allow us to better act on the feedback for Battleborn competitive and cooperative play when it releases. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly on Battleborn. We look forward to sharing the Open Beta with everyone next year."

Or, as they say on Twitter, "Creating new IP is hard, and we can't help but be Gearbox."

Anyway! Battleborn, if you haven't been paying attention, is a MOBA-tinged multiplayer FPS. It's got loads of characters with skills and levelling and all that, who'll throw down in co-operative and competitive modes. Gearbox only recently started talking about the competitive side, so here's a wee trailer peeking at some of that:

[Disclosure: oh hey! I've realised Battleborn's lead writer is someone I know a wee bit - our time at my last site sorta-but-not-really overlapped. It involved a podcast I try to forget, okay.]

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