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Genshin Impact 3.0 gets one final trailer before release

During Gamescom's Opening Night Live

Genshin Impact's 3.0 update will launch - depending on what timezone you're in - either tomorrow or later tonight. If you're counting down the final six hours before its release, you can now spend that time watching the new trailer 187 times. It shows the new characters and the region of Sumeru and you'll find it below.

Update 3.0 introduces players to Sumeru, a new region with jungle and desert areas inspired by a mixture of Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures. Sumeru is a Dendro nation, and the update will also push Dendro abilities - one of Genshin's seven elemental powers - to the forefront with the first playable Dendro vision holders. Those include Tighnari, the first 5-star character from the region, as well as the 4-star Collei.

The update adds three new playable characters in total (who you'll have to unlock, natch), with 4-star Electro character Dori rounding out the set. Previous trailers and developer updates have also revealed a bunch about the NPCs you'll meet in Sumeru.

My own Genshin Impact journey began and ended in its first region, which at this point I think was around six regions ago, so much of this means little to me. For an expert take, hit up Rebecca's guide to Genshin Impact 3.0's new characters, region and elements.

I do always want to play Genshin Impact when I watch a new trailer though, so maybe I'll do that once I've watched the trailer above another 186 times.

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