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Does Genshin Impact have cross-platform play and cross-save?

Can you play with your PS4-owning friends?

Genshin Impact is available on several platforms, including PC, PS4, and mobile devices, and players are finding the free-to-play Breath Of The Wild-like super fun, especially for the asking price of £0. Still, does Genshin Impact have crossplay?

Does Genshin Impact have cross-play?

With co-op play available as one of the better ways to play Genshin Impact, you'll want to link up with friends regardless of which device they've downloaded the game on. Well you're in luck - Genshin Impact supports crossplay on PC, PS4, and even mobile.

Remember to all log in to the same server location and join each other's party through the Friends option in the menu, and you'll all be exploring the world of Teyvat and telling Paimon to please stop talking.

Does Genshin Impact have cross-save?

With all the gacha-style microtransactions for primogems and wishes, as well as all the other Genshin Impact currencies, you'll want to keep all your progress with you, from your favourite anime boys to your sweet weapons pulled from all that real-world money you put into the game.

So does Genshin Impact have cross-save? Well, kind of. Cross-save in Genshin Impact is connected to your email address, so by signing in to the miHoYo account connected to your email address on PC or mobile, you'll be able to keep all of your progress.

For a long time it wasn't possible to cross-save between PlayStation and other platforms, because when you play Genshin Impact on PS4/PS5, the console automatically logs you in with your PSN account. However, as of August 2021's Version 2.0 update, you can now link your PSN to your miHoYo account to enjoy the benefits of cross-saving — it just requires a few extra steps to set up.

In theory, you should see a pop-up screen when launching the game on PlayStation for the first time prompting you to link your accounts, and following this will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so. But if for whatever reason you don't see the pop-up or accidentally clicked away from it, you can go to Settings > Account > User Center and follow the Link Account option from there. All you need is the email address connected to your miHoYo account.

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