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Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch locations: How to unlock Fischl's free bonus outfit in Summertime Odyssey

Where to find all 20 Phantasmal Conches on the Golden Apple Archipelago

How do I collect all the Phantasmal Conches in Genshin Impact's Summertime Odyssey event? The Golden Apple Archipelago has once again opened up for the summer, meaning Genshin Impact players get to take their characters to the beach for a little well-deserved r&r for the second year running. Spoiler alert, though: there's still questing to be done even in this most relaxing area of Teyvat. But taking part in the event comes with rewards aplenty, including this year's big prize: an alternative outfit for Fischl.

In order to nab some fancy new duds for the one and only Prinzessin der Verurteilung, you simply need to locate 16 Phantasmal Conches from around the Golden Apple Archipelago and piece together the tale they tell. This year they come in two varieties — Echoing Conches and Imaging Conches — but both count towards your Phantasmal Conch collection goal. There are 20 in total and you get some extra goodies for every four you collect. So without further ado, let's move on to the Phantasmal Conch locations in Genshin Impact!

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Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch locations

To aid in your search, Phantasmal Conches will pop up on your mini map when you get close to them, similar to how Oculi do in the main game. However, the annotation goes away again if you move out of range and furthermore doesn't carry over to your main map. They also don't really give you an exact location so much as highlighting the area of the map where you need to hunt around.

In Genshin Impact, Kaeya approaches an Echoing Conch as part of the Phantasmal Conch collection activity in the Summertime Odyssey event.

In particular, be aware that some Phantasmal Conches are high up on cliffs that can be hard to access from ground level, thanks to the terrain being particularly uneven and the likelihood that your character's stamina will run out during the climb. In order to reach these, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to complete a Surfpiercer Challenge (another of the Summertime Odyssey event challenges) in the area of the island in question and use the gliding boost you get when exiting the Waverider to launch your character to the top of the cliffs.

In order to collect a Phantasmal Conch, you simply need to interact with it. You'll then receive a brief snippet of story: audio for Echoing Conches, or visual for Imaging Conches. Note that you don't actually pick up Conches when you interact with them, allowing you to replay their snippet as many times as you like (you can also review them in the Event menu). However, once interacted with and added to your collection, a Conch's location will no longer ping on your minimap.

Broken Isle

A map of Broken Isle, part of the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, showing the locations of Phantasmal Conches in Version 2.8.

There are five Phantasmal Conches on Broken Isle:

  • On the island just north of the main island, beneath the wooden steps leading down to the beach.
  • On a rock by the north-western shore of the main island, just where the paths meet up.
  • On a rock near the path passing through the western side of the main island (almost directly south of the one mentioned above).
  • On a rock right next to the sea on the main island's northern shore, to the northeast of the Teleport Waypoint up on the nearby hilltop.
  • On another islet quite far out to sea but directly eastward of the main island, on a crate in the middle of the encampment at the islet's centre.

Minacious Isle

A map of Minacious Isle, part of the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, showing the locations of Phantasmal Conches in Version 2.8.

There are three Phantasmal Conches on Minacious Isle:

  • At ground level in the hollow arch under the mountain on the island's western side, on a rock near the small pond.
  • As you ascend the same mountain, in among the branches of a dead tree that forms part of the path up.
  • At the very peak of the mountain once you finish your ascent. (Collecting this Conch triggers a special cutscene.)

Pudding Isle

A map of Pudding Isle, part of the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, showing the locations of Phantasmal Conches in Version 2.8.

There are three Phantasmal Conches on Pudding Isle:

  • At the top of the cliff in the island's north-east region, right next to the Teleport Waypoint.
  • On the island's westernmost beach, on a small rock close to the sea and near to a Ruin Guard.
  • On the island's south beach near the centre, on a small rock close to the sea and near to a group of Hilichurl enemies.

Twinning Isle

A map of Twinning Isle, part of the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, showing the locations of Phantasmal Conches in Version 2.8.

There are three Phantasmal Conches on Twinning Isle:

  • At the peak of the high hill in the centre of the north coast of the North Island.
  • On a grassy slope running down towards the beach on the southwest side of the North Island.
  • On a smaller island to the east of the South Island, on a grassy slope running down towards its southwest beach.

Other Phantasmal Conch locations

If you've been keeping count, you'll have noticed that only 14 of a total 20 Phantasmal Conches have been accounted for here. The remainder are being added one or two at a time over the first few days of the Summertime Odyssey event, and require you to have advanced through the event's main questline in order to enter the new Phantom Realm Character Domains.

The remaining Phantasmal Conches can be found in the following locations:

  • One can be found on a table when exploring the third part of Kazuha's character domain, and is nigh-on unmissable thanks to its promiment location. (Added on Day 2.)
  • One can be found when exploring Xinyan's character domain. This one is missable, so make sure that you explore alternate paths through the domain fully before following the main objective. (Added on Day 3.)
  • One can be found after completing Xinyan's character domain by returning to Broken Isle and entering the now-accessible cave entrance in the western mountain. You need to complete a fire pillar puzzle to retrieve it. (Added on Day 3.)
  • One can be found when exploring Fischl's character domain. Like Xinyan's it can be missed, although unlike Xinyan's it should show up on your mini map without requiring further exploration. (Added on Day 4.)
  • One can be found after completing Fischl's character domain by returning to Twinning Isle and exploring the new islet that has appeared to the north of North Island. Speak to the three stone birds surrounding the well to retrieve this Conch. (Added on Day 4.)
  • The final Conch can be found in Mona's character domain, but only after completing the domain challenge once and then re-entering. (Added on Day 5.)

Don't worry if you missed a Phantasmal Conch in one of the character domains: you can replay them by interacting with the event item belonging to the character whose domain you wish to revisit. Indeed, the Mona's Conch can only be obtained in a subsequent visit after beating the domain once.

Phantasmal Conch Collection rewards

You can claim a set of rewards for every four Phantasmal Conches you collect. To claim them, simply go into the relevant section of the event menu. The rewards are as follows:

No. of Phantasmal Conches collected Rewards
4 80 Primogems, 40,000 Mora, and 4 Guides to Freedom
8 80 Primogems, 40,000 Mora, and 4 Guides to Resistance
12 80 Primogems, 40,000 Mora, and 4 Guides to Ballad
16 80 Primogems, 40,000 Mora, and 4 Hero's Wit, plus the Ein Immernachtstraum character outfit gift for Fischl
20 40,000 Mora, 8 Hero's Wit, and 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore

If you're wondering how you can take part in the Summertime Odyssey event, have a look at our guide to how to get to the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact. You might also like our Genshin Impact character tier list, where we rank all 50+ playable characters in Genshin Impact.

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