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Get a bona fide 165Hz gaming monitor for £120

The MSI MAG Artymis 242C offers great gaming performance at the same price as a 60Hz monitor.

165Hz gaming monitors are getting so cheap these days, that it doesn't make much sense to pick up anything less for gaming if you're buying new. Case in point is this MSI Artymis MAG242C gaming monitor, which offers a 24-in span, 1080p resolution and curved VA panel for £120 after a £30 discount at Currys.

The MAG242C is a popular entry-level monitor, having debuted in 2020 and initially cost over £250. Now it's less than half that, where it's competing against 60Hz monitors that are significantly worse for gaming thanks to their higher input lag and worse motion handling. You don't have to be a competitive gamer to benefit from a high refresh rate screen, either - even moving around files on the desktop or playing slower-paced games will still feel more fluid and responsive. It's the sort of thing that you'll immediately notice upon switching back to 60Hz, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without a high refresh rate display...

Beyond this, the panel MSI have used here is quite good. It's a curved VA panel with a 1000R curvature, which is a little weird for spreadsheets initially but quickly looks natural, offering more immersion than on an equivalently sized flat display. However, the VA panel used here also translates into significantly deeper blacks and better contrast than the IPS and TN panels that are common at this price point, although motion handling - in particular pixel response times - on VA panels normally fall behind that of other panel types. Still, for playing games that feature low light (or while in low light yourself), VA is the way to go - only OLED is better, and this isn't available at anywhere near this price point!

At £120, the MAG242C is a very solid monitor for the price, so it's well worth considering. If you have any questions, feel free to share them below; otherwise, thanks for reading and we'll see you again tomorrow with more deals!

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