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Get any great gaming goodies this Christmas?

Gifts for yourself count too!

Christmas came and went, a fat goose is waddling around honking a muted honk, and people have put so many coins into the old man's hat that he gets a mild concussion every time he walks the dog. So, not to be crass, but did you get anything good? Rare new hardware? Handy stocking stuffers? A good game in the sales? Hell, I'm just using this as a way to start a chat: how was your Winterval in general? Do anything nice? Eat anything good?

I don't think I've received a gaming gift since a barely functional USB cup warmer 15 years ago, but I did get one present which I think will power up my gaming: a rosary with a folding penknife inside the crucifix. The powerful energy of that could supercharge me to scale the Devil Daggers leaderboard, no doubt. Or accidentally stab me about the neck, chest, and abdomen. Either way, a great gift received gladly.

I've also treated myself to Fallout 4 in the Steam sale. I find Bethesda's open-world RPGs boring but this winter already feels endless and somehow this feels like something I want right now? Just wallow, wandering a big space and doing all the stuff, even if the stuff is unremarkable? I don't know. It seems like it would kill time. That's a real Winterval vibe.

How about you, gang? Get any good games/books/peripherals/merch/things, from yourself or others? Honestly, I'm glad people stopped trying to give me gaming goodies for Christmas. I mostly don't do gifts in general but particularly object to plastic tat I have no use for. The USB-powered desk fan was not a hit either. Am I grumping? Maybe I'm grumping. But please, reader dear, tell me anything about your Crimbo + New Year.

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