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Get enchanted by this Harry Potter RPG in Minecraft right now

It looks totally magical

Holy Hogwarts, look at this entire dang Harry Potter-themed RPG built inside Minecraft. This mod has been in the works for a while, building on a huge Hogwarts Minecraft build from several years back. What I enjoy most is how reminiscent it is of the (not great, as I remember) Harry Potter games of the earliest aughts. The entire modded adventure is now available to play alone or with pals.

Modding team The Floo Network say that the Witchcraft And Wizardry adventure map has you playing as an average Hogwarts student. It's a sort of Harry Potter mashup without any specific year in the series that it's meant to take place. "For example the Weasley twins are both at Hogwarts and run a shop in Diagon Alley," say their FAQs.

The map supports up to four players in multiplayer, which is rad, but Floo Network say they aren't planning to host a server. You'll also need to be playing on the Java edition of Minecraft, not the newfangled Windows 10 version. Specifically, the mod is compatible with version 1.13.2 of the game.

The launch trailer above is a merciless nostalgia tour that I feel entirely compromised by. Look at those brick blocks fold away to reveal Diagon Alley. Spot the brooms class complete with 2000s-era flying through hoops minigame. There's an angry little mandrake that you've got to wear earmuffs around.

There are puzzles. There's a minimap. There are quest markers. Yes, I know many games have these things, but seeing them all dressed up as Harry Potter inside of Minecraft is like a miniature train—better by virtue of its unexpected form. Normal quest markers are boring. Harry Potter quest markers inside a Minecraft mod are magical.

You can find the Witchcraft And Wizardry mod over on Planet Minecraft.

If you're not quite ready to return to boarding school, peep RPS's list of best Minecraft mods instead.

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