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Get RGB RAM on the cheap with this 16GB Crucial Ballistix kit

At least £10 cheaper than its Corsair and HyperX rivals.

The early Black Friday deals continue this week, and one of today's highlights is this 16GB Crucial Ballistix RAM kit clocked at a nippy 3000MHz for £65 over on Amazon UK. This is the cheapest this set has ever been, according to my Amazon price tracker, as it's cost £78 or more for most of 2020. If you've ever wanted some rainbow RAM on the cheap, this is definitely worth considering.

While the saving of £12 off its usual price isn't massive in the grand scheme of things, this Crucial Ballistix RGB set is currently much cheaper than some of its rainbow-fied rivals. A 16GB 3000MHz set of Corsair's Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, for example, will currently set you back £74, for example, while a 16GB 3200MHz set from HyperX's Fury RGB RAM goes for £75 (bizarrely, their 3000MHz set is even more expensive at £88).

Of course, there's every chance that the 3000MHz Corsair and HyperX RAM kits will also get discounted as we get closer to Black Friday proper on November 27th, so you may want to hold off completely to see if you can get something else for less. Still, I don't foresee either set going much lower than £65, as the HyperX set's previous all-time low is £67, while the Corsair has never dropped below its current price of £74.

Still, even if the 3000MHz sets don't fall any further, it's possible we'll see other speeds go on sale instead. Personally, I'd say 3000MHz is more than enough for a modern gaming PC, as most motherboards don't officially support speeds much higher than this. Yes, some boards will support faster speeds such as 4000MHz+ via overclocking, but 3000MHz is a much safer bet if you want to make sure it will be supported without spending hours and hours researching which boards support what speeds.

16GB is also a good amount to have in a modern gaming PC. Most gaming PCs should have at least 8GB in this day and age, but 16GB just gives you that extra bit of breathing room for running other applications at the same time such as your web browser or your favourite bit of streaming software. As for 32GB of RAM, you only really need to have this much if you're running a really high-end PC that's also running things like databases and whatnot, or you're a avid Microsoft Flight Simulator player. On an ordinary PC, 32GB won't get you any extra benefit over 16GB.

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