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Getting Over It is out now, watch me flail and fail in it

Onwards and upwards

Let me tell you a clubhouse secret. We have a mantra at RPS for deciding what to write about, and it’s as simple as it is helpful: 'a good time should be shared online'.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy released on Steam yesterday, and whatever kind of time it is, the only way I can properly share it is if you’re with me. In the moment. Here are four agonising minutes of me flailing around as a man stuck in a cauldron trying to ascend a mountain with a hammer.

Getting Over It is the latest game from QWOP and GIRP creator, Bennett Foddy. In this one he speaks directly to you, gently musing on the nature of progress and failure as you accidentally hurl yourself down the mountain and undo hours of progress.

You know what, no more words. Only pain.

The game's already been out for a month as part of October's Humble Monthly, but you can now grab it on Steam for £5.79/$7.99/€7.99.

Good luck.

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Getting Over It

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