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Ghost In The Shell FPS Holds Open Weekend

I want to be a cyberlady

Hi, hey there, it's me, your big idiot pal who can't resist anything labelled Ghost in the Shell cos cyberladies and robots and the future okay. You know, the sort of fool who's quite excited to see that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online [official site] has started a free trial weekend on Steam - even though she heard it's an unremarkable multiplayer FPS squandering its setting. Wakka wakka. Oh god, it's downloading. Look at me, doing my clowny dance in my floppy shoes, boogly boo.

Until Sunday, May 1st, at 1pm PST/9pm BST, we can all download and play all of GITSSACFAO (amazing acronym) through Steam for free. Publishers Nexon are holding a load of special events this weekend too. Look, here's where I turn you over to our resident Premature Evaluator, Rob Zacny, for a bit:

"There are moments when First Assault almost gets it right. When everyone is firing-off their powers at once, and you have a giant spider-tank getting blasted by turrets and a guy with a rocket-launcher for an arm, while it paints a targeting reticle on the battlefield before launching a guided missile, and meanwhile you're getting bum-rushed by a trio of invisible commandos, First Assault feels kind of glorious. I loved the 'oh shit' moment of being stacked-up outside a doorway with a group of elite cyborgs, only to see a seeker drone come spider-walking toward us, causing everyone to scatter before it locked onto its target and suicide-bombed it.

"But most of the time, it's feathering the trigger on an M4 carbine at someone halfway across the map, or rounding a corner and coming face to face with another player and just jamming SMGs into each other's faces and hoping for the best. Same as a million other games."

Those moments he speaks of are why I'm downloading it now (almost done!). I want to see cool cyborgs do something cool. Just a touch of that and I'll be content. Please.

GITSSACFAO will be free-to-play when it properly launches later this year, but before then it's been on Steam Early Access charging at least £3.99/4,99€/$4.99 to get in early. The entry-level pack, and higher tiers of in-game items and currency and bits, are on sale right now too.

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