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Get Ghost Recon Breakpoint for free when you buy a Samsung SSD

The 860 Evo just got even better.

If you were thinking about upgrading your PC's storage banks any time soon, then you may want to consider getting a new Samsung SSD. Aside from the fact that they're some of the SSDs around, UK buyers can now get a free copy of Ghost Recon Breakpoint with it until November 13th 2019 when you buy selected models. Ironic, really, considering you spend so much of the game smashing up storage devices and server farms, but hey, a deal's a deal.

It's not just a free copy of the standard edition of the game you get, either. You also get - wait for it - a special in-game Samsung shirt and Samsung emblem to customise the look of your main character, too, "so you can rep the world's leading SSD manufacturer at all times" and "stand out on the battlefield" according to the press blurb. And if that doesn't absolutely seal the deal, then I don't know what will.

Unfortunately, the offer mostly applies to Samsung SSDs that are 1TB or above, so you'll still need to lay out a fair chunk of change to take advantage of it. Still, provided you're down with spending that kind of cash, then these are the models that qualify for the promotion:

You can find a full list of participating retailers by heading to Samsung's website (as well as instructions on how to redeem your PC code), but all the classics are there including Ebuyer, Currys, PC World, Argos, Scan and more.

As I mentioned above, I'd highly recommend any of those Samsung models. The 860 Evo is arguably the best SATA SSD you can buy today, offering the fastest random read and write speeds in its class. The 860 Qvo is a fraction slower on the random read speed front, but its random write speeds are exceptional. It's also arguably the best SSD to get if you're after loads of storage that doesn't cost an absolute fortune.

The 970 Evo Plus, on the other hand, is currently the best NVMe SSD you can buy today, giving you top notch speeds that far outstrip is M.2 competition, while the T5 is comfortably the fastest (not to mention best-looking) portable SSD I've ever tested.

Of course, while the end date of the promotion means you'll probably miss out on any potential Black Friday deals associated with these SSDs (which are almost certainly going to be cheaper than they are now come the end of November), it may still be worth waiting until the beginning of November before you take the plunge. After all, more and more retailers are starting their Black Friday promotions earlier these days, so there's a chance you may still bag yourself a bargain before the big day itself.

Alternatively, you could just buy a new AMD graphics card instead, as Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also one of the freebies in AMD's current Radeon bundle.

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