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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting a big overhaul, starting with some new game modes

They really hit that breaking point

Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a difficult start to life. It was received so awfully by the community that Ubisoft wrote an open letter to address it. Now to try and fix everything, they're overhauling loads of the game's systems.

When you load up Breakpoint from March 24th, you'll get the option to choose between three game modes: one to play the it as it originally was, one that gets rid of that rubbish tiered loot and gear levels, and one that lets you customise a bunch of settings to personalise your game.

These modes are called Regular Experience, Immersive Experience and Custom Experience, and they're all part of an overarching Ghost Experience update. Some of those customisation bits include new and improved HUD settings, removing gear levels, and changing you risk of injury and health regen. You'll be able to alter the difficulty settings in a couple of different ways, too. These involve either changes to your enemies' damage and tactics, or changes to the game's realism. You'll be able to change all this at any time, and you can check out the rest of the stuff you can alter in the Ghost Experience details.

Ubisoft plan to keep updating all this in the future, but unfortunately this means the game won't be getting its second raid.

"In our original Year 1 plan, we wanted to follow up Project Titan with another raid. However, we want to make sure we are allocating our resources in the best places to create better experiences for our players," they wrote.

"With this in mind, we have made the decision to replace the second raid with a future update to the Ghost Experience. Based on all the player feedback we’ve received online and in play testing, our team is confident that deepening the Ghost Experience is the right direction for the game."

A bunch of community requested updates are being added into the game, including lots of weapon and gear optimisation, changes to camera placement and vehicle improvements. Most of them read like quality of life changes to be honest, and you can read the full list over on Ghost Recon's site.

There's talk of an offline mode in that post as well, however it's not something Ubisoft will add.

"We heavily investigated the possibility of adding the option of an offline mode, but we were not able to come up with a solution that did not create an unacceptable amount of technical risks," they said.

They did come up with a way for players with poor connections to keep playing though, saying: "With this new update, players who cannot maintain a sustained connection to matchmaking services will still be able to play solo PvE without being disconnected. These players will still have all of the functionality of the game except access to multiplayer modes."

Hopefully, these things will start to improve the game. Matt used lots of words like "vapid", "shoddy" and "miserable" in his Ghost Recon Breakpoint review, so surely it can't get any worse.

The Ghost Experience update will drop alongside the game's second DLC episode, Deep State, on March 24th.

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