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Ghost Recon Wildlands commits to a 2nd year of updates

Welcome to the jungle, we've got PvE

Good, bad or otherwise, you can't keep an online, service-focused Ubigame down. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest in the publisher's stable of multiplayer games to be signed on for a second season's worth of content updates. Much of it looks to be free, which is always a reasonable price.

Over the coming year, Wildlands will receive four major updates called Special Operations, each of which is set to be built around a specific theme, and will include both PvE and PvP stuff in addition to cosmetic gubbins and community wish-list items. While no concrete date is pinned down for the first, Ubisoft are at least willing to give us a peek at some of the first Operation's content in the trailer below.

Making good on their promise of fulfilling community wishes, the first Special Operation is adding the conspicuously absent option to dress up your NPC squadmates in offline play. Previously, while you could alter your own appearance, your unit of gruff, amoral drug-war enforcers remained tragically unfashionable. At least now you can commit international high crimes in style, eh?

On the PvP side of things, the new Sabotage mode looks more than a little like Counter-Strike. One team has an objective to defend, the other team has to plant a bomb on it. You know how this goes. Sadly, the operation's name and the rest of its content (including the theme, a new PvE mission and new PvP class) haven't been detailed, but at least we know that there's a little something for everyone that's still roaming the jungle and not playing the clearly superior Predator mode on loop.

While a lot of the goodies on the way will be free, Ubisoft have announced a Year 2 season pass for the game in the vein of Rainbow Six Siege, with pass-holders getting early access and automatic unlocks of upcoming multiplayer classes, plus a handful of loot crates. Yeah, those are still a thing in virtual South America, apparently. Probably stuffed to bursting with cocaine or somesuch. Pricing hasn't been announced on the season pass yet, although if Rainbow Six is any indication, expect it to hover around the £25/$30 mark.

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