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Gigabyte's latest Aorus gaming laptops drop thermals by a cool 10 degrees

I get chills just thinking about it

There are dozens of RTX 30 gaming laptops arriving over the next couple of weeks, but Gigabyte's new crop of Aorus models might be the coolest ones yet. And I mean that literally, as the new design of their Aorus 15P laptop has apparently cut temperatures on the CPU and GPU by 10 degrees, resulting in better performance under heavy load.

Gigabyte say they've managed to achieve this temperature drop by increasing the Aorus 15P's airflow intake by up to 37% compared to other thin and light gaming laptops (although exactly which models they didn't specify). Still, I'm all for lower temperatures, especially if it means the laptop doesn't sound like a jet engine when playing games. Gigabyte's newly redesigned Windforce Infinity cooling system should also help in this respect, as it now has dual fans and five heat pipes that are made of copper to dispel heat more effectively. This allows the laptop to sustain a stable clock speed throughout the company's 60 minute burn-in tests, according to Gigabyte's benchmark figures, which should mean better, more consistent frame rates the longer you play your game.

The Aorus 15P also makes use of Gigabyte's exclusive Microsoft Azure AI technology to allocate more or less power to the CPU and GPU depending on where it's needed most - a bit like Nvidia's Dynamic Boost 2.0 tech that comes with every RTX 30 laptop chip as standard. According to Gigabyte, this helps you to squeeze another 5% more performance out of the Aorus 15P - although I'll have to wait until review samples are available to see how this pans out in practice.

The Aorus 15P isn't the only gaming laptop launching on January 26th, as it will also be accompanied by the slightly larger Aorus 15G and 17G on the same day. Whereas the 15P will top out at an RTX 3070 graphics chip, the 15G and 17G will go all the way up to an RTX 3080. All three laptops will come with one of Intel's Core i7-10870H processors, though, and both the 15P and 15G models will both be available with a 1920x1080, 240Hz IPS display. The larger Aorus 17G, meanwhile, will bump the refresh rate up to 300Hz and come with an Omron mechanical keyboard as well. As for each laptop's pricing, the 15G will start at $1499, the 15P will go for $1599, while the 17G comes in at an eye-watering $2099.

I'll hopefully be testing some of these shortly, so stay tuned to see if they manage to keep their cool in the flesh.

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