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Gimmie Shelter: Dead State Demo Coming Soon

Demo of the dead

You can tell turn-based zombie RPG Dead State's been in development for a while. It has been the subject of three RPS interview features in its lifetime, including one by co-founder and current panel-beater, Kieron Gillen, who conducted the original interview using carrier pigeons. We're doing it all electrically nowadays, which means I'm able to easily inform you that a demo is being prepped for backers and pre-order types. It should be out for you lucky people in January 2014, and will also be available as a Steam Early Access game.

The demo is going to cover the first seven days of the story, which equates to a few hours of clicking on zombies and talking to the many, many NPCs that will pop up. The video below explains what's coming, though it doesn't show much of the game otherwise.

However, I found a livestream of some of the demo content (but not all of it) that was recorded and hosted. It shows how the game will manage missions, spouting out jobs from the central safe-house that you can assign to the people who've survived the apocalypse.

Thanks for the info, PC Gam - wait, why are you looking at me like that? Why are you covered in blood? Oh god! They've been infec-argh!

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