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Glam elves face mutant rats in Total War: Warhammer II's latest grudge match

Nuclear green and day-glow pink? Oh, that'll clash.

The clock's reset and the blood cleaned off the stage, which means it's time for another Total War: Warhammer 2 grudge match. This time, it's fashionable forest-dwellers versus a nasty old rat in The Twisted & The Twilight, with today's latest DLC for Creative Assembly's bloody high fantasy strategy throwing down a colourful gauntlet of neon pinks, sickly greens, and a familiar coating of bloody red paint.

After all, if you're going to slaughter enough rats to fill a round of Vermintide 2, you might as well do it sporting Day-Glo butterfly wings. That's fashion, that is.

Like previous face-offs The Warden & The Paunch and The Shadow & The Blade, Twisty Twilight adds two new Legendary Lords, each with their own new factions to help them fight over a strange daemonic rift wot emerged in the heart of the woods.

Leading the charge for the Wood Elves are the Sisters Of Twilight, who hit the field riding a whopping great dragon. Neither can be taken down unless the other goes with them, and both have access to a godly forge wot occasionally spits out rare and unique weapons during times of crisis.

Meanwhile, Master Throt - reckoning himself the giant rat who makes all of the rules - has himself a might magical hunger, one that only gobbling an Elf-Queen can sate. He comes onto the field with a flesh lab for "upgrading" his troops with mutations. Put too many on one rat, though, and they'll become unstable, decomposing into vaguely vermin-scented goo. More resources for the pile, at least.

Each comes with their own unique units, too, from the Sisters' butterfly-winged forest queen to Ghoritch, the brain of a former Chaos champion unceremoniously plopped into the body of a big buff rat. Total War: Warhammer II - The Twisted & The Twilight is out now on Steam for £8/€10/$10.

Disclosure: RPS co-founder Alec Meer penned some of the high-fantasy fluff in this update.

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