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Go Wild: Torchlight II Gets Mod Tools, Workshop Support

Torchlight II's actually already seen some rather brilliant mods, which is impressive given that modders have only been able to paddle themselves through its stat-laden sea of systems with their wits. For its part, however, Runic promised official mod support ages ago, and now - after maybe a little more time than most people were expecting - it's finally delivered. So then, what do burgeoning loot pinata crafters have at their disposal? GUTS. Which, honestly, was how I would've answered that question no matter what because I'm in a weird mood right now, but luckily, it's actually relevant in this case! That, you see, is the name of Torchlight II's spiffy new modding suite, and it locks in with Steam Workshop like a gem into a modding-suite-shaped socket.

There is also a panda.

The new update not only includes the GUTS modding tools (the capabilities of which you can beam directly into your brain tubules via this handy wiki), but also legendary weapons for every item class, new armor sets, new side dungeons, a Nether Realm area, and a handful of adorably huggable pets. Except for the headcrab. You probably shouldn't hug the headcrab.

The panda, meanwhile, is a panda.

It's quite an update, and the whole thing is, of course, completely free. You can grab it simply by starting up the game. So then, what types of mods do you want to see in Torchlight II? More new classes and items? Locations? A connection-requiring auction house that entirely defeats the central purpose of the game and disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of diehard fans, irreparably severing a bond forged by years of dedicated obsession?

Nah, that'd be crazy. I want more flavors of panda!

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