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Gods & Glory, Hollow Knight's final free DLC announced

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Despite friends repeatedly nudging me into playing it, I've still only played the first couple hours of Team Cherry's excellent Dark Souls-ish metroidvania Hollow Knight. Normally a point to lament, but I'm not feeling so bad about it today.

Riding a wave of inertia from a very successful launch, the third and final free expansion for the game, Gods & Glory, is on its way. With it, we've got a teaser trailer and a feature list for those who don't have quite enough bugs in their lives. Maybe once this comes out, I can begin playing it properly.

The features list (tucked away in the description on the teaser above) for Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory is impressive enough. Starting off with a new NPC added to town - The Godseeker - whose presence will apparently 'expand your romance options'. She'll put you on the track to hunt down multiple new bosses within Hallownest.

The new boss fights will be accompanied by some fresh additions to the soundtrack, and working your way through foes will further the Godseeker's story arc. There will also be a new gameplay mechanic - the ability to 'Glorify' certain charms, although what this entails isn't expounded on, but the name alone should have min-maxing players itching with anticipation.

The biggest new feature is a new playmode, unlocked by completing the entire Gods & Glory story arc. Team Cherry say that this mode is 'long requested and is a classic for the genre', heavily implying some kind of New Game+ functionality, or perhaps (more ambitiously, and less likely) some kind of randomizer mode, as has become popular to mod into Metroid-type games in recent years.

The door is still open for paid expansions at a later date, and the format of the game (being slightly more open than most metroidvanias) lends itself well to additional content being bolted on, but for the immediate future, Gods & Glory will be the end of Hollow Knight as we know it, and plenty of reason for me to finally return to the game.

Team Cherry aren't quite ready to pin down a release date for the Gods & Glory update, but are aiming for 'early 2018', so any point within the next couple months.

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